Yoga Western Retreat 2020

Cowgirls Love Yoga & Horses

Experiencing the Volcano Eifel in Germany, practicing yoga outside (and inside), eating amazingly delicious food, and bonding with such kind and personable horses - it was just a perfect vacation. I am so thankful for creating such a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere for strangers to come together and bond in the most intimate - yet open setting imaginable. It truly was magical. The Wild West Yoga & Horseback Riding Retreat, Windrosen Ranch, Volcano Eifel, Germany. Imagine a long weekend of yoga and horses on a real live ranch - a cowgirl yogini's dream come true. Explore how both can put you in touch with your potential and teach you a lot about yourself. We'll practice yoga, spend time with horses, and kick up our heels at the Wild West Yoga & Horseback riding Retreat. Your ranch experience will be authentic (no need for dressy clothing), your accommodations will be comfortable but simple and rustic, and many meals will be cooked by the Owners Daniela, Nico & Family

Come join fellow wanna-be cowgirls for yoga and fun in and out of the saddle under Volcano Eifel sky. We'll explore the link between yoga and riding to improve not only your saddle skills, but also your overall well-being. Through yoga poses and breathing techniques we will learn how to improve balance and body alignment. Best of all, experience how the horse-human connection deepens as you practice yoga. We'll take all that out on the trail and ride with new friends both human and equine on scenic trails, immersing ourselves in nature and the cowgirl yoga spirit.

The Wild West Yoga Retreats includes:

  • Daily yoga classes that build body awareness and help foster an openness of body and mind - the best state to be in around horses, and that target common trouble spots for riders, such as the back and hips, and pay special attention to cultivating core strength (the center of the body's energy)
  • Cow girls lesson, covering horse-human interaction, grooming, and groundwork basics (required for all levels of equestrians)
  • Learn the "Peace Of Mind Technique™ and find out about communication skills and relationships
  • Riding sessions and bonding time: our time with the horses will be both in and out of the saddle
  • Pre-ride yoga in the saddle: a focus on yogic breathing will foster a relaxed yet alert posture on horseback, and we'll explore a variety of yoga poses you can do when riding to instantly release tension and relax you (and your horse!)
  • Healthy, local food to satisfy your cowgirl cravings and maintain your energy
  • Wellness, Sauna & Thai Yoga Massages (please book in addition)
  • Optional add-on trail ride

3 Days Retreat begins at 2.30 pm on the arrival Friday and ends at afternoon on Sunday.
We will place you with roommates if you do not have travel companions.

You have two packages available:

Horseback Riding; Mindfulness Training with Horses and Wellness

Early Birds until Januar 2020

$ 340 in a double room (Mon-Wed)

$ 390 in a single room (Mon-Wed)

AS of February 2020

$ 370 in a double room (Mon-Wed)

$ 440 in a single room (Mon-Wed)

Yoga &, Mindfulness Training with Horses & Horseback Riding

Early Birds until January 2020

$ 360 in a double room (Mon-Wed)

$ 410 in a single room (Mon-Wed)

AS of February 2020

$ 390 in a double room (Mon-Wed)

$ 460 in a single room (Mon-Wed)

Space is limited! Book your place and receive your money back guarantee until 30th of April 2018.

For reservations please send an email to

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